Mt Fuji

Two Symbols of japan in one photoshoot

There are many beautiful cherry blossom spots in Tokyo but there is just one which in springtime can provide one of the most scenic views that can be captured in Japan. This place is somewhere around Fuji. If you live in Tokyo, my advice is to take a car and just in 1,5 hours you will enjoy one of the most incredible views in your life. Catching both symbols of Japan: Mt Fuji and sakura at one shoot might be a tricky goal if you are not familiar with a region. You can start with exploring lakes around Fujisan. I would recommend starting your journey with the Kawaguchiko.

On the Northern Shores of Lake Kawaguchiko, you can find probably the most iconic views with sakura trees and Fuji-san. In early April Cherry Blossom Festival begins at Fuji Kawaguchiko which is also called Sakura Matsuri. Here you can take a few pictures but I would say this place is mostly for walking not for shooting.

Just a few kilometres further you can find a few spots with a single-growing sakura tree which can provide your perfect photo. Just follow the direction to Oishi Parc and look carefully around your way.

Your next stop for your sakura photo chase is Oishi Parc itself. This park is a real treasure for all Instagrammers because it provides beautiful photos all year long. Take a picture with a sakura tree by the lake and you will be a star of the social networks! Also, this park is convenient for taking a coffee or a lunch that you can enjoy on one of the outside terraces.

Take a ten-minute ride from the lake and you find an incredible view for your pictures in collaboration of sakura, Mt.Fuji and red torii. Location - Tenku no torii, which you must have already seen in my winter photographs. Attention: a special annual pass is required for a photoshoot here. The best time for shooting at Tenku no torii is either sunrise or sunset when beautiful soft sunlight makes all scenery looks magic.

Most of the guides recommend a traditional Japanese village Oshino Hakkai as a perfect spot for taking pictures with Mt Fuji and sakura. The village is nice to take a walk but I find it overcrowded and less interesting than another hidden from tourists' paths traditional village Saiko Iyashi no Sato.

Saiko Iyashi no Sato is a village with a variety of facilities situated in 20 reproduced old houses covered with thatched roofs. Little river in the middle, a few beautiful sakura trees and stunning Mt. Fuji as a backdrop make Saiko Iyashi Sato a perfect place for the photo shoot. As a bonus, kimono renting is available here, but a reservation is needed.

Saiko Iyashi no Sato Nenba
Kawaguchiko Sakura Fuji
Fuji Sakura Picture
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