Personal Branding Photoshoot Planner


Get started and DOWNLOAD this awesome free resource to get you aligned and crystal clear before your personal branding photoshoot. It includes a checklist and fillable planner - taking the stress out of planning your personal branding photoshoot. Most importantly, it’s streplace for you to tell your clients more about your story and to describe the type of photographer you are. You can come back at any time to make more changes.


Your someday is today, let's get started!

first of all, let’s define personal branding! Personal branding is a mixture of... 

  • How you are seen
  • What you do 
  • What you stand for 

This applies to both your business and personal life. 

Personal branding is about taking these three things and incorporating them into both your business and personal life through marketing images and what you do in your everyday life.

People will see images of you. People will see you taking part in certain activities. People will see you using certain products or services. People will meet you in-person. And people will see where you give your time, energy and even charity. The culmination of these events creates the design pattern of your personal brand.

You have the power to change and reinvent these at anytime.

An effective personal brand is one that is true and authentic to you are and/or who you are becoming.